Europe Recruitment,Malta मा रोजगारको अवसर

Entry Date Aug 02, 2019 Lot Number 222517 Pre Approval Date 2076-04-16
Source: madhyanhadaily Country Malta Job Categories Babysitter, Bartender, Beautician, Cashier, Cleaner, Cook, Draftsman, Electrician, Hostess, Labourer, Mason, Motorbike Driver, Plumbers, Salesman, Scaffolder, Security Guard, Shuttering Carpentor, Steel Fixer, Store Keeper, Waiter, Watchman
Europe Recruitment,Malta मा रोजगारको अवसर

waiters-10 male and 15 female salary-EURO 1160.02, security guards-15 male and 10 female salary-EURO 1160.02, Watchmen-5 No salary-EURO 797.06, electrician-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02, hostess-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02, cook-10 male and 5 female salary-EURO 1160.02, barman/bartender-5 No salary-EURO 1160.02, plumber-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02, housekeeper/cleaner-45 male and 50 female salary-EURO 767.06, scaffolder-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02,steelfixer-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02, mason(brick/plaster)-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02, baby shitter-2 male and 13 female salary-EURO 1175.33, store keeper-5 No salary-EURO 1219.71, cashier-3 male and 5 female salary-EURO 1219.71, draftsman-5 No salary-EURO 1219.72, salesman-3 male and 7 female salary-EURO 1219.71, beautician-4 male and 6 female salary-EURO 940.81, bike driver-8 No salary- EURO 887.56, labourer( construction & landscape)-7 No salary-EURO 797.06, shutting carpenter-10 No salary-EURO 1160.02

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